It is a requirement to undertake a Biennial Flight Review (BFR) every two years to make sure you are still up to standard to your licence requirements.

We can help you with extra training and groundwork you may require to pass the BFR, as well as providing you with an experienced instructor to sign it off your licence for another two years.

Foreign Licence Conversion

If you plan on moving to this fantastic country or intend to stay for an extended period of time then we can help you through the process of converting you licence to a New Zealand CAA Licence.

For all of the requirements please check this link from the CAA

In short you will need to meet all of the New Zealand Licence requirements including:

  • 50 hours total time
  • 15 hours PIC
  • 5 hours advanced dual training
  • 5 hours Terrain & Weather awareness training
  • 5 hours Instrument flying


You will also need to:

  • Successfully complete a New Zealand BFR with one of our A or B category instructors.
  • Have a current Licence issued by an ICAO registered authority.
  • File the appropriate paperwork (Fit & Proper person etc) with CAA and pay the associated fees

Foreign Licence Validation (Temporary Licence)

Incorporating some flying in to any overseas holiday is a highly rewarding experience. We can help you through this process to get your foreign ICAO licence validated for up to six months for use in New Zealand.

For all of the requirements please check this link from the CAA


In short you require:

  • Successful completion of a New Zealand BFR with one of our A or B category instructors.
  • A current Licence issued by an ICAO registered authority.


Once the BFR is completed it can take up to two weeks for the CAA to validate your Licence.

Before leasing you one of our aircraft we must be happy with your competence on the intended route. If you intend to fly through the mountains for example you must complete some mountain flying training. New Zealand has some of the most dynamic weather and complex airspace in the world so we are very careful who our fleet is leased to.

New Zealand Tours

If you have a passion for aviation then incorporating some flying into your overseas holiday is a must. New Zealand offers some of the most beautiful scenery in the world and enjoying it from your own unique view point is the best way to experience this country.

If the ordeal of converting or validating your licence doesn't appeal or is cost prohibitive then getting out there with an instructor is the best way to go. The added benefits of having one of our experienced instructors on board are:

  • You'll have a local and knowledgeable tour guide.
  • Access to airfields you wouldn't be signed out to solo.
  • Someone to look after the radio and airspace requirements.
  • Someone to do the planning and paperwork for you.

Whilst most flights can be completed as a day trip, overnights or multi day trips can be arranged. Just contact us for more information.

International First Solo

With close ties to several airlines we see many international aspiring pilots come to us to get their first taste of controlling an aircraft with many going solo within 10 hours. We offer several packages.


Here at the Canterbury Aero Club, we provide a wide variety of training. From Introductory flights to Commercial Licenses, we do it all!

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