Mountain/Low Flying

No matter where you fly in New Zealand, at some stage your flying will be affected by the mountainous terrain that makes up over half of the country. When flying in this type of terrain, the forces of nature exert a greater influence, and pilots who operate regularly among the mountains have developed a special set of skills, knowledge, and flying techniques to help them survive.

If you wish to ensure a safe and enjoyable flight in, around, or over hills or mountains you must develop these skills, collect the knowledge and appreciate the factors involved. Above all, know your own limitations and those of your aircraft – and stick to them.

In New Zealand, in order to gain a PPL you need to complete 5 hours of Terrain Awareness flying. This training must incorporate 2 hours of low flying and 2 hours of mountain flying.

Canterbury Aero Club provides a mountain flying course which is highly recommended for PPL and is a requirement to gain a CPL. The course is carried out by experienced instructors who can guide you through the training whether it is for interest or as experience towards a qualification. Contact us for more information!

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