Further Ratings/Training

We offer a wide variety of flight experience and ratings. From Night Flying to a Twin Engine Rating and everything in between, see below for more information.

Night Flying

Night is defined as the time between the end of evening civil twilight and the beginning of morning civil twilight.

Whether you would like to learn some basic night flying skills or gain your night rating to take friends and family flying, we can help you work towards your goals.

Night flying teaches some fundamental skills that are an asset to any pilot.



Learning aerobatics not only allows you to explore the full envelope of the aircraft, it considerably enhances confidence in your own ability.

Student pilots, having learnt the basic manoeuvres, noticeably improve in their general handling of the aircraft. Aerobatics develop a feel and sensitivity for the aircraft and a de-sensitivity to manoeuvring flight. They develop an instinctive awareness of attitude and the quickest way back to straight-and-level, controlled flight.

We offer a variety of aerobatic training including spin recovery, basic and advanced aerobatics and instructor aerobatic ratings.



Gain valuable tail wheel experience in our Piper Super Cub; learn skills such as taxiing, three point landings, wheeler landings, crosswind landings as well as the usual type rating content.



Gain valuable experience flying a complex single engine aircraft. The Piper Arrow has a Lycoming 200hp engine with a cruise speed of 135kts. You will learn manual gear deployment, CSU handling, aircraft management and advanced upper air handling. At the end of your training you will receive a type rating for this aircraft which allows for your CSU/undercarriage endorsement and for Australian TTMRA conversion.



Multi-Engine training is carried out in either our Partenavia P68c or Piper Seneca PA34-200T aircraft.

During the training you will learn asymmetric runway exercises, asymmetric take off, engine failure procedures in the cruise, engine re-start as well as multi engine management and advanced flying.

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