The Club

Canterbury Aero Club was established at Wigram Airfield in 1928 and currently resides on the Western Apron at Christchurch International Airport.

Canterbury Aero Club is New Zealand’s oldest aero club and as such has a long and rich history to share. There is a strong club spirit and a warm, welcoming atmosphere with trips, social evenings and competitions being a regular occurrence.

Our members come from a large variety of backgrounds some of whom have flown with us for years and are a wealth of knowledge providing invaluable experience and pointers for any pilot.




Around September each year our satellite airfields become a hive of activity preparing for regional and national competitions.

Our members take part in a huge variety of events during competitions and have a long history of doing extremely well.


Social Activities

Amongst the various flying activities we hold social evenings, barbeques, movie nights, weekly social evenings and a variety of other events that anyone is welcome to be a part of. This makes the club a warm, welcoming and exciting place to be.

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